Nite Strike

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Nite Strike

Tired of paying more for a tip up light than you pay for the tip up?

Nite Strike Tip up Lights are the answer.  Nite Strike is an affordable tip up light designed by a Wisconsin ice fisherman.  Compare the features of this light to others on the market and you will find the Nite Strike is the best choice.  Priced at only $7.99 each!


Key Features:

Over 200 hours burn time on one battery (included)
Over 10,000 hours L.E.D. bulb life
Extremely bright red L.E.D. visible from over 1/2 mile away
Simply snaps on tip-up rod and is ready to go
Will not light up unless snapped on tip-up flag and flag is vertical.
Environmentally safe, no mercury switch
Fits on underwater type tip-ups with rod type flags
Uses common replaceable watch battery - CR2032
Light weight 1/2 oz. state of the art design
Reliable - Works every time - Guaranteed!


Order online now with PayPal!

See the Light in Action on YouTube

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